About Us

Our Story

Vzoads (Vision Zone Organisation) started in 2019 with a unique idea of making online place available for outdoor hoardings (OOH).The innovator of this idea,Nadeem Khan is a student of NIT,Nagpur.The brainchild of Nadeem Khan came up with the idea of this online platform when he faced issues regarding the booking of sites offline.The hoarding owner troubles the customers regarding the services and rates.So, in order to avoid these issues he came up with the idea of online platform.

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Kamlesh Umale,another pioneer of Vzoads is expertise in buisness model.He was the mediator who introduced Mr. Nadeem to the soul of the company Mr. Sumit Bhalekar. Mr. Sumit Bhalekar,the director of Vzoads,is one of the pioneer among these three musketeers.He is the owner of renowned Sumit motors, situated in Nagpur.These three people met and discussed over the idea and decided to bloom up the "Vzo."


Our Mission

Our mission is to make outdoor advertising easily accessible to Customer at any part of the world on just one click

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become first choice for outdoor advertising in the world by helping customer plan, book ,manage and monitor outdoor advertising.


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