Pan India Campaign

Why Choose Vzoads for Pan India Campaign ?


We are Out Of Home advertising experts available to you at all times so you are able tap into our expertise, save time, effort and money while handling your requirements for out of home advertising. Working with us for your Outdoor advertising needs you are assured of the asset quality, audience connections and resources that today’s marketers require.We have the right kind of resources and experience to ensure seamless execution of your campaigns.


Simply stating, working with Vzoadsin India makes handling your outdoor advertising challenges a whole lot easier.


Almost, All Out of Home Formats

As an global ad agency, Vzoadsoperates in a niche area where our only specialty is outdoor advertising. We work seamlessly with many companies (both big and small) as well as agencies as their transparent out of home advertising media buying arm.


Business Focused

We are driven by an objective to offer the clients the best media at value for money with ability to offer clients pan India media options with flawless execution and swift back of the office processes.


Options Available India wide

We have the experience and the contacts to handle Outdoor campaigns in any market nationwide, from East to the West, North to the South of India and everywhere in between too. Whether you need a single billboard on Indian highways, or several different formats in multiple markets, we have several options for you.


Reduced Complexities

The world of outdoor advertising offers a wide array of out-of-home media that varies from market to market. With so many choices it can be a confusing and time-consuming part of your media buying. Tap into our extensive knowledge of out-of-home media to learn more about how outdoor can put your message directly in front of your target audience, and make the most of your valuable resources.


We can match your outdoor branding needs to the advertising options available in any prime location in India that successfully reaches your target audience. Through our tactical placements and a wide network of outdoor partners, we have emerged as an expert solutions provider who works on multiple formats of outdoor advertising like billboards, shopping centres, in-movie ads, hoardings, railway ads, bus panels, local store branding etc.

A blend of unique Outdoor advertising services that promise you nothing but maximum reach and a high ROI

Our Services:

  • Billboard/Hoarding
  • Building façade
  • Unipole
  • Gantry
  • Flag sign
  • Foot over bridge
  • Signage
  • Police booth
  • Pole kiosk
  • Bus shelter
  • Bench
  • Metro bridge panel
  • Metro pillars
  • Metro signage
  • Metro panel
  • Standee unit
  • Cycle shelter
  • Dustbin
  • Wall wrap
  • Subway panel
  • Vending kiosk
  • Utility
  • Pillar wrap
  • Bridge panel
  • Digital screen
  • Cab advertising
  • Airport and Inflight Media
  • On screen advertisement
  • Off screen advertisement
  • Activation
  • Grab handles
  • Hall of fame
  • Metro announcement
  • Mobile charging unit
  • Train poster
  • TV screen
  • Wall clock
  • Wall panel
  • Airport branding
  • Baggage trolley
  • Backlit box
  • Digital pod
  • Newspaper
  • Radio
Available in every Country, State and Cities as per requirement

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